Setting up an outsourcing R&D branch company in Ukraine with Alter and DevteamRadar
2 min readApr 28, 2021

The World Hi-Tech Industry players have recognised Ukraine as one of the countries with a high market potential several decades ago. Lately this year, Forbes Ukraine listed the top 30 Hi-Tech international but originally Ukrainian startups with more than 20 Millions valuation each and over 60 Ukrainian companies are included in the ranking of the world’s best IT outsourcing companies in accordance with top research ratings in 2020. These facts allow us to state that Ukrainian Hi-Tech ecosystem has been dynamically growing.

Moreover, a lot of global companies have opened their branches and R&D offices to benefit from hiring Ukrainian low-cost high-tech professionals. Primarily known as the talent market with more than 200,000 tech professionals with 10% annual growth, it is becoming more and more attractive to hire a dev team that fully understands and fulfils the performance needs.

DevteamRadar partner, law firm Alter helps international companies to get the necessary support in the process of opening an outsourcing branch from the legal perspective.

The Alter company supports foreigner companies and individual investors with services related to local company registration and operations, intellectual property rights from one point of view. From the opposite, the Alter team takes over the process of getting individual residency permits for the foreigners.

Professional accounting and legal services will be able to give advice on the most simplified tax regimes before taking any actions.

Temporary or permanent residence along with the IT visa work permission obtaining processes will be supported by Alter in order to solve questions for founder and key personnel.

The entire logic and the vision of Alter Partner is shaped to measures of the scale and targets of international business that is looking for the possibility either to open and branch or relocate an existing team. Ability to combine local standards with international business goals of running a business unit is one of the strategic points of the Alter.


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