— a new way to hire a software development team
2 min readMar 13, 2021 is the new platform that has been created in order to help international business and #startups to find the most matching dedicated #softwaredevelopment team and get professional technical and business support for any #digitalproduct development.

The idea that lies behind #DevteamRadar platform comes from the obvious statement that “there is no one universal software development company that may fit every project of any scale at any time”. The statement has become a result that has been verified by lifetime experience of the founders working on different software development projects.

The statement let to the idea that should be one place where every business may come to communicate with different software teams, check the requirement and the expertise to choose one that is the most suitable in this particular moment of time.

Why DevteamRadar?

Simply because #Devteamradar internal team will get you prepared to the talk with any software team and will check all the requirements to make search process more simple and convenient for both clients and external development teams. Moreover, if a client has a lack of technical expertise or the business requirements are missing, internal team will help to get the technical expertise and will prepare the business requirements.

Why teams?

The platform present the teams — not just companies or individual coders, cause development team is the most valuable group structure to execute any project in most efficient way, as teams have synergy that they gained together going through problem solving, tough deadlines and potential project risks. Obtained expertise and synergy allow to transmit previous experience to a new project as high value adjustment.

Why the teams on DevteamRadar?

#DevteamRadar has picked the most dedicated teams that has already been in touch with and have a great level of expertise in different niches with accomplished international projects.

Moreover, the team’s expertise in different software development areas gives a chance to chose one of the teams that shall fit specific requirements and performed the projects in the following niches: #CRM software, #Ecommerce, #ERP software, #Fintech, #Logistics, #Marketplaces, #MobileDevelopment, #Real Estate, #SaaS, #Telecom, #AI and #MachineLearning, #AugmentedReality, #Blockchain, #Cybersecurity, #DataScience, #eLearning, #GameDevelopment, #HR Software, #Live Chat software, #Martech (Marketing Tech), #Point of sale software, #ProjectManagement software, #Sport Activity, #Video(Face) recognition, #Voice recognition, #Webinarsoftware and many others.

Devteam internal team along with the most professional and dedicated teams will enable successful digital product development, maid to measure of today business goals and challenges.


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